Northern Ibaraki Prefecture, with its scenic ocean and mountains, is blessed with abundant nature. In addition to the Izura coast, where Okakura Tenshin, Yokoyama Taikan and others based their creative art activities, and the forests that captured the world’s attention with The Umbrellas by Christo, it has many resources that are unique to the region, such as its distinctive climate, natural features, history, culture, food and local industries.

KENPOKU ART 2016 is an international art festival and it was held in the setting of the vast “KENPOKU” region, the largest stage ever in Japan for an art festival. By highlighting the appeal of these resources through the power of art, it aimed to discover new values and revitalize the region.

KENPOKU ART 2016  welcomed approximately 776,000 visitors, far surpassing the original target of 300,000.