• takahashi_collection_messages

    Messages – Takahashi Collection

    Messages – Takahashi Collection Towada Art Center Messages is the first-ever exhibition of the Takahashi Collection in Aomori Prefecture. To commemorate this occasion, the Towada Art Center will show Yayoi Kusama’s precious early works alongside representative...

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  • jump


    Jump Towada Art Center Gravity—unavoidable yet unexpected. It holds special powers, depending on how you look at it. Children flutter about as if unaffected by its weight. Does gravity hold no sway over them, or have grown-ups just forgotten how to...

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  • 2015_wfs-1a

    Waiting for Spring @ Towada Art Center

    Waiting for Spring @ Towada Art Center All is covered in snow, and it is cold, dark and severe. This is winter in the north of Japan. Everything seems to stand still, yet the world is ceaselessly moving. As the days grow longer, one may dream of leaping...

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  • tsunagu_jutsu

    Spirit of Life in the North of Japan

    Spirit of Life in the North of Japan Towada Art Center People have always battled nature’s severity, using materials at hand to make the clothing and tools necessary for survival, which are passed down and become part of the culture and lifestyle of...

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  • Big Sky Friendship

    Big Sky Friendship @ Towada Art Center

    Big Sky Friendship @ Towada Art Center We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Big Sky Friendship” exhibition at the Towada Art Center in April 2014. This show will examine methods of communication, considering how strangers slowly get to know...

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