Tadanori Yokoo traveled throughout Japan for a two-year period at the beginning of the 1970s producing landscapes as he went. His Travel of Japanese Landscapes includes Lake Towada & Oirase (1973), which he created in Towada. The torrents of Oirase Gorge are said to be the roots of his trademark waterfall themes. His successive waterfall artworks use a technique called technamation, better known as lightbox painting, in which light reproduces the effect of flowing water. Tadanori Yokoo Towada Roman Exhibition: Pop It All highlights Yokoo’s large-scale waterfall works and masterpieces of technamation with a curated selection from Yokoo’s prolific past. The exhibition will also provide a first look at new, never-before-seen artworks as well as paintings from early on in Yokoo’s career. Visitors can also see the newest developments in his work on display, from a fusion of East and West in his Buddhism-inspired statue of Mozart to his many sculptures and paintings of cats, a common subject matter in recent years.

*Main Image: Poster for Tadanori Yokoo Towada Roman: Pop It All (2017)
Poster images from top: Asosan/Kusasenri (1974) and Lake Towada/Oirase (1973). Both artworks property of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art.