Waiting for Spring @ Towada Art Center

All is covered in snow, and it is cold, dark and severe. This is winter in the north of Japan.
Everything seems to stand still, yet the world is ceaselessly moving.
As the days grow longer, one may dream of leaping out into the open air.

Everything changes in spring – greenery blooms, birds sing among the tree branches, and the world bursts into color.
Something stationary is slowly set in motion, coming to form a dynamic current as it touches living things.
That which had diligently persisted and accumulated during winter gradually illuminates a fresh world retaining the warmth of a human hand.
This pulsing motion of everyday life might change the world one day. 

Superimposing the meaning of change imbued in spring, Towada Art Center will present an art exhibition evolving out of ideas and acts of repetition and accumulation from snowy Tohoku.

*This show will run parallel to the ongoing lecture program “You are also a curator”, in which the process of curating an exhibition is shared with participants through discussions led by the curator about the theme, participating artists, and installation methods of the exhibition.

■ Exhibition outline
Exhibition Period: February 28 (Sat) – April 4 (Sun), 2015
Venue: Towada Art Center
Opening hours : from 9:00 to 17:00 (Last admittance : 30 minutes before closing)
Closed every Monday, except when the day of the week falls on national holidays.
Admission fees : 1000 Yen for adults *Free entry to permanent exhibition for exhibition ticket holders, Free for high school students and below.